Superfine Raymond mill has the advantages of simple operation method

For grinding superfine Raymond mill is mainly applicable to conventional crushing, such as kaolin, gypsum, calcite, barite, bentonite, pigments, humidity is less than 8%, crushing the Mohs hardness in non inflammable and explosive materials under 6 level superfine material.

Raymond mill operation is very simple to use, fully automatic control, can be joined only needs a simple switch machine and material, artificial only needs two or three people, the main role of the two or three person has:


1. keep adjusting device of feeding machine of Raymond Mill intact, according to the nature of the materials, indicating tester A pressure and material fineness, uniform feeding and adjustment to.

2. material fineness. Method is generally taken to change the Raymond Mill screening room when adjusting the position and angle changes folding fan. The larger the angle material more coarse, change the spring pressure and change of grinding wheel and grinding ring roller pressure between the spring pressure is insufficient, the coarse pulverized coal fineness.

3. control of Raymond Mill internal temperature. The material outlet temperature control in 90 degrees Celsius, the highest can not exceed 97 degrees Celsius, to control the air door size available.

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