Equipment Configuration of Poor Iron Ore Dressing Plant

Properties of iron ore: belongs to simple high silicon iron ore, low sulfur and low phosphorus ore, with average content of each component in total deposits as: TFe28.68%, SiO253.33%, S0.075%, P0.033% and Mn0.087%. Equipment configuration of poor iron ore dressing plant:

According to the properties of poor iron ore concentrator, generally, it adopts the three-stage closed circuit: crushing, grinding, screening and gravity separation process-magnetic separation-reverse flotation process of anion. There are many machines will be used ,such as jaw crusher, vsi sand making machine, cone crusher, pfw impact crusher The three-stage closed circuit forms 3 operating area of crushing, grinding and screening, and the process has the following characteristics:

The grinding stage is better adapted to characteristic of coarse Crystal grain size of iron ore, and the coarser particle size is conducive to saving energy consumption, reducing grinding levels of iron mineral, and reducing the loss of iron ore. Materials are classified as coarse and fine materials by stone crusher weight classification. Separate using coarse tailings through lower separation costs to get coarse qualified concentrate and discard coarse qualified tailings to reduce circulating load, alleviate the burden of fine fraction, and help to reduce separation costs.

Fine material should be deslimed and tailing discarded by vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator, to provide good working conditions for flotation process. The using of anion reverse flotation process and efficient flotation reagents can effectively improve the quality of fine concentrate; while the gravity-magnetic-flotation processes can achieve mineral processing process of narrow rational beneficiation. Various processing methods complement each other and learn from each other, to guarantee the higher separating efficiency.