production situation of portable jaw crusher

There are many types of portable crusher plant, their collocation is different, and the applicable production situation is different. Recently, many people have consulted about what kind of working environment the portable jaw crushing station should be placed in to make the best use of its goods and give full play to its advantages. Next, let's make a simple analysis.

Jaw crusher is a common equipment in crushing field. It has various models and can meet the requirements of various businesses. For jaw crushing station, it greatly expands the field of crushing operation. From the customer's point of view, portable jaw crusher solves the problems caused by the crushing site and working environment, and improves the production efficiency. In addition, it has a wide range of applications. It has no pressure on the portable crushing operation of highway, railway, water supply and power supply projects, and can crush a variety of materials.

Which production situation is more suitable for portable jaw crusher?

(1) The portable jaw crushing station has a short operating line. Different crushing equipment can be installed on the independent movable chassis. Its wheelbase is relatively short and turning radius is small. It can run flexibly on the common highway and in the working area.

(2) Portable jaw crushing station does not need to remove materials from the site for reprocessing. It can directly process materials on the site, which can greatly reduce the transportation cost of materials.

(3) The combination of portable jaw crushing station is flexible and adaptable. According to different crushing process requirements, it can be composed of "crushing before screening" or "screening before crushing" process. It can be combined into two-stage crushing and screening system of coarse crushing and fine crushing according to actual needs, and also into three-stage crushing and screening system of coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. It can also operate independently and has great flexibility.

(4) Portable jaw crusher station is suitable for the production situation with larger production capacity and lower granularity requirement for finished materials because it is equipped with jaw crusher. Especially the first-line crushing production.

Portable Crusher Plant With Advanced Modular Design

With the continuous development of the times, in order to meet more production needs, we have introduced a new type of portable crusher plant. The portable crusher plant has been optimized and innovated in structure design, equipment configuration and combined application. The combination of portable crusher is more flexible, which greatly broadens the application field of tire portable crusher plant and realizes the real material connection. Recent treatment is mainly used in metal ore crushing, building stone crushing and solid waste treatment and other fields.

2. Product Advantage

(1) A comprehensive portfolio of mobile products

This series of portable crusher plants consists of more than 70 models with seven modules. Each model can work independently or jointly with multiple equipments to provide customized mobile crushing solutions for users according to their needs.

(2) Advanced modular design

This series of portable crusher plants adopt the modular design concept, and a frame is used for various types of machines to realize the interchange between different host units of the same type. Users only need to replace the main equipment, which can meet the needs of different sites, and thus bring more value to users.

(3) Flexible Mobile Configuration Scheme

This series of portable crusher plants can be used in one crushing stage independently, or other crushing and screening mobile stations can work together to achieve two, three or four crushing stages to meet various crushing and screening needs.

(4) Humanized Structural Design

This series of portable crusher plants are equipped with hydraulic system control equipment, such as lifting and erecting, transportation, contraction and folding, etc. It is simple and convenient to operate. It is equipped with maintenance hoisting tools, operation platform, maintenance toolbox and centralized control system to maintain the user-friendly. At the same time, adding water spraying dust suppression device, iron removal device and other selection schemes can meet the user's multiple use environment requirements.

Vibrating Screen Working Characteristic

Vibrating screen is a new type of multi-layer, high-efficiency vibrating screen with circular motion. It uses cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and partial block to adjust amplitude, material sieve has long running line and many sieving specifications. Vibrating screen has the characteristics of reliable structure, strong exciting force, high sieving efficiency, low vibration noise, durability, convenient maintenance and safe use. It is widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy and chemical industries. Product classification.

Performance advantages

1. Using cylindrical eccentric shaft exciter and bias block to adjust the amplitude is simple to use and convenient to maintain.

2. Vibrating screen adopts spring steel braided screen mesh or punching screen plate, which has long service life and is not easy to plug.

3. Structural reliability, strong exciting force, high screening efficiency, low vibration noise and durability.

4. Vibrating screen uses vibration motor as excitation source, which is easy to use and maintain.

portable crusher widely used for crushing and screening

The portable crusher plant is a new type of stone crushing equipment, which expands the idea field in coarse crushing and fine crushing. Based on the client's requirements, it puts the problem which the crushing place, surroundings brought as the priority work. This series portable crusher plant really supply simpler, higher efficient, lower cost machines for clients.

Combined with diesel engine of high performance makes this portable crusher plant cost less oil, produce less noise and have a more reliable performance and provide an economical and environmental power. Portable crusher's engine can be additionally equipped with low temperature preheating start-up device to ensure the portable crusher machine easy to start under the condition of minus 25 temperatures.

Portable crusher plant is designed and researched by our experienced engineers according to the customers' requirement. This portable crusher plant is of high cost performance, reliable & beautiful structure. Its technology is as advanced as the international level. It is widely used in road & bridge construction, metallurgy and other fields to crusher and screen.

The portable cone crusher is different from the both portable crusher plants above with cone crusher installed together. The portable cone crusher plant can be widely used for crushing and screening in road construction, building, metallurgical and energy industries, etc.

How to better configure the stone production line?

In the configuration of a full set of stone production line, should try to use the same specifications of stone crusher machine, in order to simplify the model, convenient maintenance, convenient operation and reliable work, try to use, saving investment, energy consumption and other consumption is low, and the device can reduce the cost of operation and management, according to the production capacity and product size meet the technical and quality requirements. And can adapt to the change of concrete gradation.

Crushing equipment
The 1. level is broken, recommend the use of jaw crusher, the crushing compressive strength is not more than 320Mpa materials, the machine has high crushing ratio, high yield and product size are cubes, the machine has simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and replacement parts, jaw plate of long service life, operating costs and economic characteristics.

2. two grade is broken, two-grade breakage selected 3 impact crusher, used to deal with the pre-screening, > 80mm and some superfluous 80~40mm particle size of the super large stone and large stone. A single amount is 224t/h, the models in the Longtan Dafaping and other artificial aggregate processing system using mature experience, equipment of high yield, stable performance, it is suitable for the characteristics of this project.

3. ultra fine crushing, vertical shaft breaking sand workshop treatment amount of 377.74t/h, ultra-fine crushing selection of 2 shaft type crusher, used for sand making. A single amount is 235~265t/h, the models and other artificial aggregate processing system using mature experience, equipment of high yield, stable performance, it is suitable for the characteristics of this project.

Screening equipment
Can choose the circular vibrating screen , single processing capacity is 250~780t/h; the circular vibrating screen screening workshop 2, single processing capacity of 144~1320t/h; screening by circular vibrating screen 2, single processing capacity of 172~1584t/h equipment; high yield, good classification effect, stable performance, can meet the production requirements of processing workshop.

Stone washing equipment
The spiral stone washing machine, used in the treatment of the soil is less than or equal to 40mm in the mixture of semi-finished products in. The single machine processing capability is 170t/h. The equipment has high production, good sludge removal effect, and stable performance, and can meet the requirements of daily processing quantity.

Mill Promotes Industrial Development Method

The fundamental equipment for deep processing of ore consists of crusher and industrial mill; the former is utilised in earlier stage plus the later is for fine processing. In order to keep up using the development trend of significant quantities of mineral processing, production and processing efforts of crushing machine and milling machine require to become enhanced to a higher degree, which market the crusher and mill production enterprises to accelerate technology investigation and development and introduce additional effective milling gear.

Mineral resources are firstly crushed by crusher and mill, after which building aggregate solutions through fine technical means including magnetic separation and roasting to ensure that the utilization can be improved drastically; it truly is undoubtedly a superb opportunity to reverse the passive scenario of mining corporations at property.

Overpressure trapezium mill, European type trapezium mill is suitable for processing non-flammable and non-explosive supplies with hardness under Mohs seven and humidity below 6%, like limestone, calcite, marble, talcum, gypsum, barite, fluorite, zeolite, manganese ore, ilmenite, phosphate rock, bentonite, starch, kaolin, etc.

We have constantly insisted around the investment in technologies analysis and improvement, its production of huge and medium-sized mill gear are renowned at house and abroad to get a lengthy time; overpressure trapezium mill and European kind trapezium mill are enhanced on the basis of conventional raymond mill and modern day casting techniques, reaching complete upgrade in structure. The overpressure trapezium mill is usually a new generation of hugely efficient ultra-fine powder processing equipment that independently researched and created; it sets the positive aspects of high-speed influence mill and jet mill into one particular, and forms its own exceptional crushing destroy mechanism.

Cone Crusher Price in Tailings Processing

Cone crusher is an important crushing equipment. It can be seen in concentrator, cement plant, steel plant and other industries. It has remarkable effect in crushing hard rock, ore and slag. Our CS spring cone crusher is an efficient crushing equipment. Cone crusher is caused by frame and adjusting device. The crushing cone, eccentric sleeve and other components can crush, crush and fine the stone.

As the consumption of ore resources is greatly increased, the contradiction between supply and demand of mineral resources is aggravated and the price of the international mineral products is rising, the maximum utilization of resources can be used again, and the available resources in the tailings can be reused again.

In addition, the reuse of tailings can realize the development of recycling economy and the construction of resource-saving enterprises, and the technological transformation and innovation of the cone crusher can make the best use of the tailings resources, make the resources in the tailings comprehensive utilization to reduce the waste of resources and reduce the storage of tailings.

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