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Gold Ore Crusher Advantages

Gold Ore Jaw crusher
Jaw crusher is the most widely used gold ore crusher in the field of gold mining. It has many kinds of materials, so it is very reasonable to use it to break stone. Its advantages are mainly:

1, the scope of application is very extensive, in the process of stone processing, its biggest advantage is the highest production capacity, can meet the user in the production of the highest use requirements.

2, this equipment after continuous development, in terms of structure and performance has been greatly improved and improved, so for users, reducing the user's difficulty in use, improve the reliability of equipment.

3. It can be used not only as crushing equipment, but also in various production lines, so it is the most comprehensive and practical.

Gold Ore Hammer crusher
Compared with the traditional crusher, gold ore hammer crusher discharging more refined, if the user in the strict requirements of things, this is your best choice, in addition, it has the following advantages:

1, this equipment in weight and volume has been reduced, but its performance is constantly in perfect, such equipment is more conducive to stable operation, work efficiency is getting higher and higher.

2. The key component of the new generation hammer crusher, the hammer, is made of the latest material, so it has better compression and abrasion resistance, and its service life will be longer.

3, the device also uses the best quality motor as the core components, in the choice of motor models, its parameters, power and speed are effective experiments, and then make it match the whole device.

Performance Characteristics of Sand Making Machine

VSI series vertical shaft impact crusher commonly known as sand making machine, which is a our company to introduce the latest development of experts achievements, and combined with the Chinese mine conditions improved design, high performance sand equipment currently has the most advanced level in the world.

Sand Making Machine Has a Wide Range of  Uses

Sand making machine for sand field, mixing station, dry mortar, quartz sand, construction waste crushing station and other industries, to provide quality aggregate for highway, railway, construction, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction, concrete mixing.

Performance  Characteristics

The processing capacity is large and the grain size is even
The maximum throughput is up to 520 tons per hour, and the output is increased by 30% and stable compared with the traditional equipment under the same power. The product is cubic, grain shape is good, gradation is reasonable, fineness modulus is adjustable, and it is especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping.

Wearing parts are low in consumption and long in service life
The best angle of impact crushing cavity design, friction material and wear less, directly reduces the use cost of equipment; equipped with German original thin oil lubrication station, completely solve the problem of bearings, the bearing temperature is constant and the maintenance cycle and service life extension.

Raymond Mill Unique Features

The development of mining  is closely related to the development of Raymond mill industry. Raymond grinding mill has the advantages of simple process and high production efficiency. It is the most commonly used Raymond mill for stone milling. In recent years, China's rapid economic development, mining and construction industry has gradually expanded the scale of all kinds of metal and nonmetal ore, cement, construction sand metallurgy industry set off a climax of the construction of production in the country, Raymond Mill status and role in the development of China's mine is more and more important and become a strong pillar the mining industry to create benefit.

Our company production of Raymond mill is a new type of high efficiency milling equipment, through technology innovation, has become increasingly perfect performance of Raymond mill equipment, the structure of advantages including small volume, simple structure, grinding ratio, low energy consumption, high production capacity, uniform particle size, and selective crushing effect that is a very promising device. The powder ratio is large, and the discharging granularity is small.

Raymond mill unique features
1、 using rolling bearings instead of sliding bearings, can save more than 30%;

2、 Raymond mill cylinder using automatic welding, ultrasonic testing, large-scale professional machine tool, a card loading and other measures to ensure the accuracy and quality;

3、 Raymond mill end of the increase of the compulsory ore discharge device, processing capacity increased by 40%;

4 、 Raymond mill adopts rare earth material and new structure lining board, adjusted the speed of Raymond mill, optimized gear design, thus increasing the running stability and service life of Raymond mill;

5 、 Raymond Mill in the factory before the installation and debugging, so that the installation site is simple and convenient.

6 、 The gear of the gear is big. The gear is machined by casting gear, and the inside of the cylinder is lined with wear-resistant lining board. It has good wear resistance.

Raymond Mill Working Process

The structure of Raymond mill is mainly composed of feeding machine, hopper, dosing dosing pump, Raymond grinding equipment, outlet bin and air intake device. The modified Raymond mill with super grinding fineness of grinding performance and light high performance; high specific surface area and a transparent material; have excellent properties of light milling under UV light and solar light, and stability and good performance for repeated use. And continuous powder processing. Widely used in plastic products, plastics, building materials, pipes, wires and cables, automotive plastics, rubber products, coatings, inks, adhesives and other fields.

Since 1980s China has insufficient fineness and intermittent Raymond mill large pattern, not only to improve the quality of powder processing, improve the efficiency of powder processing, but also reduces the amount of energy consumption and change of agents: the amount of modifier average dropped more than 10%, the unit energy consumption reduced by more than 50%.

Raymond mill equipment integration impact, shear, friction, change to the whirlpool effect on high strength material dispersion and strengthen the collision between the materials in the material; and the rotor and the impact friction process and material friction temperature in finite cavity can be adjusted through the motor speed regulation, feed gas flux speed and superfine grinding; using variable vortex cyclone flow to increase the chance of grinding  particle and surface materials and ensure the ultra-fine grinding work time.

Raymond mill equipment but also solve the Raymond Mill batch modification technology of ultra-fine powder products, agglomeration spillover, loss of material and pollution workshop and other issues, but also reduces labor intensity, expand the single processing capacity, the large scale mines by grinding equipment production activity of non metallic mineral powder processing easier. At present, there are more than 1000 sets of Raymond mill equipment used in industry, including superfine and  light calcium carbonate, superfine heavy calcium carbonate, superfine kaolin, aluminium hydroxide and talcum powder.

Raymond Mill Structure Features

The Raymond mill is a new type of stone crusher which is produced on the basis of the domestic and foreign Raymond Mill combined with the advanced milling technology. The Raymond mill has the advantages of impact breaking and hammer breaking. The Raymond mill is mainly used for small and medium sized mill cement clinker for building sand, iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, coal and other minerals in hard milling. The utility model has the advantages of large milling ratio, low energy consumption, stable operation, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc.. The Raymond Mill truly implements a multi-purpose, high efficiency, low cost features.

The  Raymond mill  structure characteristics

1. the Raymond mill can effectively deal with a large amount of moisture content of the material to prevent the blockage of Raymond mill.

When the water content of the material is too large, the feed chute and the counter plate of the Raymond mill can be equipped with a heating device to prevent the material from sticking. Raymond Mill does not have to be equipped with the bottom sieve plate can effectively prevent clogging. The hammer can not be used to prevent the heating of the material to be bonded, and must be equipped with the bottom of the sieve plate, increasing the possibility of blockage.

2. Raymond mill is not only suitable for soft materials but also for materials with very high hardness.

The plate hammer of the Raymond mill is firmly fixed on the rotor by a mechanical clamping structure. Compared with the superfine Raymond mill, the rotor of the Raymond mill has a greater momentum, which is suitable for the material with more hard milling.

3. the Raymond mill can be conveniently and flexibly adjust the material size, wide range of adjustment.

The Raymond mill can be adjusted in several ways to deal with the particle size, flexible method to adjust the gap between the hammer and the grinding chamber. Also is to adjust the rotor speed.

4. because of the unique structure design of the Raymond mill, the wear parts of the Raymond mill are smaller than that of the superfine Raymond mill and the material utilization ratio is high.
The abrasion of the plate hammer of the Raymond mill is only on the side of the facing material. When the Raymond mill is in normal operation, the material is crushed by the hammer plate, and the back and side surfaces of the plate hammer are not worn. The utility model has the advantages of high metal utilization ratio of 45% to 48%, which can not be compared with General Raymond mill.

5. the Raymond Mill spare parts replacement is simple, maintenance costs are reduced accordingly.
The Raymond mill is provided with six plate hammers which are convenient to replace, save the maintenance time and improve the production efficiency.

High efficiency tracked mobile crushing station

Our company developed the production of tracked mobile crushing station is designed for new mobile research and development of construction waste crushing station, the series of mobile crushing station is widely used in the construction waste resource utilization project, it's currently the best in the domestic market of construction waste mobile crushing station can move in a moving compact structure advanced technology and large capacity.

Tracked mobile crushing station is more suitable for the disposal of construction waste crushing tracked mobile, the product has unique characteristics: oil and electricity dual-purpose, flexible switch, the cost is reduced; no dust suppression system, from the source of dust pollution; steel cutting device, avoid crusher blockage; intelligent system, yield the highest and lowest energy consumption; it is not only easy to operation and maintenance of mobile, with outstanding capacity.

The tracked mobile crushing station is a kind of high efficiency crushing equipment. It adopts self driving mode. This equipment can be located at any position in any working condition. This can reduce the processing of materials, and facilitate the coordination of all auxiliary machinery and equipment. By wireless remote control, it is very easy to drive the crusher to the trailer and transport it to the site. Because the assembly time is not required, the equipment can be put into operation immediately. More conducive to the construction of a reasonable area for the overall fragmentation process provides a more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration.

According to customer requirements for product material type, process, process configuration more flexible and meet user mobile crushing, screening and other mobile requirements, make the logistics transport production organization, more efficient, lower cost to achieve the maximum. The installation mode of the integrated unit is eliminated, and the installation work of the complex site infrastructure is eliminated.

Improve the production of ultrafine grinding mill

We often say that the ultra fine grinding mill to better use, in addition to the selection of quality, excellent performance of equipment manufacturers, but also pay attention to customer service issues, customer service can help to solve because we use the time, meet what they can not solve the problem, so when choosing super fine grinding machine, need to study many aspects but in fact, for the customer, all the things, more important concern is the revenue problem.

Income refers to the production of superfine grinding engineering investment finally returns, which have a great relationship with yield, so for customers, more important is the machine production, so in addition to the time of purchase, choose a high-quality machine that customers in the use of time, but also need to work from which aspect to a greater degree of increase its yield.

The first is the installation, installation of good foundation is the basic condition of ultra fine grinding mill after work smoothly, so the installation process needs to be cautious, in some of the more difficult point, can ask the manufacturer for guidance, for the foundation of construction, must ensure its stability;

The second is the operation problem, originally of superfine grinding equipment in the factory when there will be strict instructions for feeding and maintenance etc., more stringent requirements, meet these basic conditions in order to successfully complete the material production, another more important point is to ensure that the nature of the feeding, nature can be reasonable if no grinding, will increase the difficulty of producing, it will reduce the production efficiency;

This article mainly introduces the ultra fine grinding production has many important problems, and then analyzed the customer when using the machine, how to improve the production yield of the above on this point is analyzed from two aspects, in short, when we use superfine machine, must pay attention to the operation specification so, timely maintenance, in order to successfully complete the grinding material, and obtained a better production capacity.