Four improvements of the structure of the Raymond mill

With the continuous development of the powder industry, the market demand for Raymond mill is also increasing. As an important equipment for grinding in China's powder industry, grinding mill of ore is an inevitable trend for high reliability, energy saving, precision and automation in order to meet the requirements of different application fields.

Due to the problems of low fineness, large power consumption, large noise and low system efficiency, the traditional Raymond mill has been bothering the mineral processing enterprises and Raymond mill equipment manufacturers. Shanghai sebang machine mining equipment manufacturing limited liability company after many years of accumulated experience, on the basis of the improvement of Raymond mill, independent research and development and production of a new generation of ore Raymond mill, effectively solves the technical problems of traditional Raymond mill, Raymond mill from the increased price.

Four improvements of the structure of the Raymond mill are as follows:
1. the structural stability of the main shaft and the plum blossom frame is stabilized so as to make it run smoothly.

2. The traditional part of the analysis machine is changed into two isolation by the cavity dragging type, which is changed into the outer cavity of the hanging cavity of the hanging gear, thereby enhancing the stability and durability of the work.

3, in the grinding zone, the grind material is always gathered in the grinding zone effectively processing, improve grinding efficiency, but also updated the roller structure, the grinding roller and the roller shaft can be complementary in the rotation of the operation, also can make the revolution, its effect and durability.

4, ventilation, and air duct will bellows by the original horizontal bottom change to the center angle of 30 degrees to form a bucket shaped air duct, ensure the bellows, always clear of obstructions, and always maintain the required air volume, high efficiency grinding in the host.

applicable materials and operation of vertical roller mill

The company developed vertical roller mill production has a very wide application, so many users want to understand the relevant product information, according to the principle of vertical roller mill, milling suitable material and application areas to provide you a brief introduction, I hope you have some help in the production of flour.

1. What are the applicable areas of vertical roller mills?
Vertical roller mill can range ore grinding fineness on the size of 80 to 400 mesh, and for some high hardness of slag, the fineness of grinding in the range of 80 to 325, because the same kind of ore materials can be used for grinding fineness of mineral powder, thus broadens the application field of roller mill. In summary, the main industrial areas of grinding can be applied as follows: fuel coal production and power generation industry in the cement industry, cement mill, metallurgical industry, chemical industry and other industries as well as ore grinding.

2. What are the applicable materials for vertical roller mills?
This mill can be used for a variety of ore materials mill production, these materials are feldspar, talc, calcite, fluorite, iron ore, copper, phosphorus ore, quartz, slag and so on, it also can be used for the production of cement mill, the mill in the development in the development and production of the coal mill, specially used for coal in addition, the production of flour, the milling machine can also be used for milling of graphite.

3. Vertical roller mill working principle
This mill in mineral grinding, using the plate grinding principle, and the specific path of milling material is, the material from the feed port to the tray down, then the central, high-speed operation in the feed tray, tray slide to the edge. The edge material forms a layer of material on the millstone, which is then ground by a grinding roll above the tray to form powder material.

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Analysis of Affecting Factors in Sand Production Line

In recent years, the number of domestic investors of sand making machine is becoming more and more and the manufacturing technique of sand making machine is improved every day. As a result, the requiements for sand making machine of domestic and international customers is continuously high. Our experts focus on the analysis of the whole production line of foreign sand making and factors of influencing the production line.

Firstly, we must consider the composition of the materials. In the earlier stage of sand making, we must analyze the composition of materials. If the materials contain much powder, this will influence the sand making effect. Because the powder easily adheres to others, this affects the transmission. So before the sand making, what the workers must do is to screen the materials and make sure powder mostly out of the materials to avoid affecting the normal work. The workers also pay attention to hardness of the materials. provides the sand production line, sand making machine and the whole sand making equipment, and every set equipment can produce different materials and its effects is different. If you do not use the matched sand making machine, the harder of the materials, the more difficult you produce the sand, with a lot worn sand torn of equipment. So the sand making effect is not satisfied.

Then the workers must have some knowledge about the humidity and viscosity of the materials. We mention much powder will adhere to other and powder will much easily adhere to others and plug in feeding entry if the moisture of materials is high, which leads to low capacity of sand making. In this situation, experts point out that the temperature of materials should be controlled well in order to reach the best sand making effect. The viscosity of the materials should be paid attention to practically. The materials with high viscosity will adhere to the inner wall of sand making machine, so these must be clean-up timely; otherwise, the adherences will affect the operation and work efficiency of sand making machine seriously. So you must choose the materials with small viscosity. These are main factors that influence the sand making effects.

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Sand Making Machine Make Contributions to Construction Industry

The advancement of China's construction industry has hardly ever stopped. In recent years, there has become an raising hype concerning the genuine estate market, which can be regarded as the next trend of the development industry. Sand aggregate may be the root with the building industry, the assurance of your making quality, that's indispensable during the manufacturing method. Even so, it's sometimes in quick provide. The look of your sand making machines eases the short supply scenario and brings the dawn on the development industry.

The VSI Sand Making Machine undoubtedly plays a critical purpose in each our nation's sand creating industry plus the development sector. High-quality sand aggregate puts forward higher request towards the sand making machine that need to meet the specifications not only from the element of yield and effectiveness but in addition inside the companies which serve as the principal reasons for customers to decide on.

Because it regarded to all, our country's crusher business gets to be more and more potent and slowly mature. With the very same time, the enterprises in all sectors are committed to enhance their core competitiveness so that they can be able to go farther from the street of future growth. We are regularly researching and developing new goods to meet the far more distinct and exact demands concerning the infrastructure about the sand making machines. Just after many years of innovation,  researches and develops a whole new variety sand making machine--the substantial efficiency vertical shaft affect crusher. With its own pros, the VSI series sand making machine is continuing to expand the scope of use and welcomed from the buyers due to the fact it hits the marketplace. By means of a scientific and rational allocation, the brand new sand aggregate manufacturing line is exceptional in efficiency. By analyzing the actual condition of the industry and adjusting measures to area circumstances, it truly is clear that  sand manufacturing line is the most productive. Our manufacturing line is often the leader on the market place.

We are committed to bettering the good quality and support of the sand making machine, so we have now to try and do our greatest to satisfy our clients.  Enterprise lays a great deal emphasis within the top quality and customers. We serve clients using the excellent guideline of getting responsible for each working process, each and every merchandise and every consumer. What we now have done is for that consumers and we believe that quality could be the best technique to develop marketplace.

The new mobile crusher brings vitality to the construction industry

The new mobile crusher, the current market is selling a kind of gravel sand crushing machinery, over the old fashioned Crusher, the mobile crusher is put into use in sand processing capacity, or in the sand and gravel application effect show etc. are greatly improved in step, so the development of new mobile in the construction industry crusher equipment more investment potential.

Advantages of new mobile crusher
1, after optimization and improvement of the new mobile crusher, under the same power operating environment, the output can be improved by about 30% compared to the traditional crusher.

2, the new mobile crusher has both plastic effect. After the sand treatment, the finished products of the sand and gravel are cubic in shape, and the grading is reasonable. It can completely replace natural sand and gravel for the construction sand operation in the present.

3, in addition to the fixed group machine installation, but also optional collocation placed on the vehicle chassis, for the realization of gravel material movement, sand making operation, thus can reduce production cost input.

environmental protection concept of new mobile crusher
1, a change of the old version of the crusher blower design, the use of a unique air self circulation system, greatly reducing the exhaust air volume, and then reduce the new mobile crusher dust pollution during operation;

2, the establishment of environmental protection system, such as: pulse dust removal equipment, the equipment can effectively dust removal of more than 99.9%, basically green sand production can be achieved.

Ore Milling Equipment Model Specification


Ore mill is an indispensable grinding equipment for ore dressing plant or mineral processing production line. Now as a result of technology development, there are a lot of different ore milling equipment on the market, specifications are different, the user in the purchase of the equipment sometimes do not know how to start, only for their own production requirements are not clear what kind of ultra-fine grinding, sebang Industrial Technology Group in view of this situation, how to select the type of ore milling equipment specifications? Users can consider from the following three aspects.

1. consider the grindability of the ore produced by ourselves and the fineness of the product
The case, when the grindability good ore, and the required size of -200 mesh products accounted for 60%, can choose the lattice type ore milling equipment; second, when grinding is selected by the user of the ore and the required size of -200 mesh products accounted for more than 60%, a grinding can choose lattice mine stone powder machine, two stage grinding mill selection of overflow type ore. And the size of ore milling machine according to production requirements, processing quantity to buy.

2. consider the product flow rate requirements of the beneficiation process
One is when requirements of grinding products for dry products, namely the ore moisture content is low, can choose to dry ore milling equipment; the two is when the low rate of grinding products or no water requirements, will generally choose wet ore milling equipment proposal, because this type of high efficiency, easy to plug.

3. consider energy consumption and steel cost factors
First of all, energy consumption, ore milling equipment energy consumption is very large, in the selection of superfine grinding model specifications, we must take into account the energy consumption. Usually, the specifications of the superfine grinding price of high energy consumption, high cost; more steel consumption, it indicates that the processing consumes how many tons of steel per ton of ore, it is a large cost of grinding cost, so users in the choice of ore grinding machine specifications should also be included in the account, because with their own investment funds linked.

Technical Development of Sand Making Machine

We also keeps tightly with the growth tide with the science and technologies era and continuously innovates the manufacturing technology and patterns and researches and develops the third generation sand maker products, which has by far the most advanced science and engineering and is essentially the most productive sand making machine within the industry at existing. The machine is designed by introducing the crushing concept and technologies from Barmac Corporation of America and combining the actual problem of sand creating.

Sand making machine really is widely used for crushing of tough and brittle resources, this kind of as rock, grinding material, refractory materials, cement clinker, quartzite, iron ore and concrete aggregate; and it's especially suitable for your sand and sandstone building for construction and road paving. It could possibly be utilized together with influence crusher or cone crusher or employed independently in accordance on the materiel affliction and manufacturing requirement.

This sand machine has seven principal elements this kind of since the feed, whirl crushing chamber, impeller encounter, spindle assembly, chassis, transmission and electrical machine. Due to the fact artificial sand has more rewards than purely natural sand, Artificial sand making machine is made use of and welcomed in sand making production line. We are actually a large-sized sand making machine producer, and our sand making machine has lots of strengths this kind of as straightforward and realistic structure, large independent affect crushing potential, super very low operational cost and also the most aggressive value. Welcome all new and old shoppers come to our firm for inspection and obtain.

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