technical characteristics of artificial sand making machine

Artificial sand is much cheaper than natural sand. With the exploitation of natural sand for many years, natural sand is becoming more and more exhausted. Nowadays, artificial sand has replaced natural sand, and is widely used in highway, railway and construction industries. The sand making machine has also been used more and more widely. Artificial sand and gravel will be made of various kinds of ore after making sand machine equipment processing, but also a large number of production, cheap, widely used. Then in the sand making machine types, gravel sand making machine has what advantage?
First, in terms of price, cheaper than other confidential river gravel sand sand equipment.
Secondly, gravel sand making machine in terms of quality, is also higher than normal or traditional sand sand sand production equipment, clean, no mud and other harmful impurities, stable performance, a kind of artificial sand corresponding to a gradation and particle gradation; compared to the artificial sand and natural sand material is more complex, a modulus of fineness can correspond to different gradation, can not achieve the accuracy of artificial sand.
The working principle of gravel sand making machine: material from the upper part of the machine into the vertical high-speed rotating impeller in high speed under the action of centrifugal force, and the other part of the umbrella in the form of flow around the impeller material to produce high speed impact crushing, material impact upon each other, and between the impeller and the casing lining material to form a vortex the repeated impact, friction and grinding, direct discharge from the bottom, forming a closed loop many times, screening equipment controlled by the desired product size.
The technical characteristics of gravel sand making machine:
1、 high crushing efficiency, with fine crushing and coarse grinding function;
2、 simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low operation cost;
3、 through the non crushing material capacity, is affected by the moisture content of the material is small, containing water up to 8%;
4、 The grain shape of the product is excellent. It is cubic, and the needle and flake content is very low. It is suitable for aggregate shaping, artificial sand production and high-grade highway aggregate production;
5、 the product accumulation density is big, iron pollution is extremely small.

What should be paid special attention to in the maintenance of ultrafine mill?

Ultrafine mill can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical, cement, ceramics, construction, electricity, medicine, defense industry and other departments, especially the Department of mineral processing in the metallurgical industry, as solid material refined into important equipment of powder grinding, it is also has a very important position. Its operation process has a very important relationship with its working condition.

For the ultrafine mill, as a user, we must pay attention to it, because it can make the milling equipment to create value for us, also makes it possible to safety production, therefore, in the process of operation, the user should pay more attention to it, so that it can be better used in the production. In order to make it better production, ultrafine grinding to users, summed up the following items.

First, the failure measures: in production, the user first need to check the size of materials and the amount of material delivery, when the transport volume overload, will cause imports of congestion. To check whether the imported seal has been worn, for two times after the leak may occur, should promptly replace the sealed packing.

Second, before running, it is necessary to do fine grinding equipment debugging, so as to make it better adapt to production. Debugging is an important part of production, the problems found in the debugging can be avoided in actual work, so as to effectively improve the ultra-fine grinding equipment.

Third, the size of the material: in the work, for ultra-fine grinding materials are different, may adjust the size of the grinding material, then, to the user according to the actual needs of the adjustment, so that more can match. Requirements make users more satisfied and, to a certain extent, save resources and avoid waste of resources.

Fourth, import and export of abrasive material size effect: control into the ultrafine grinding of limestone particle size, so that in the scope of design and feed grain mill two size of 80% particles is less than 12mm.

When the user regulates the feed amount of the mill inlet, the two is to reduce power consumption, and the pulverizer should always operate under rated conditions. But sometimes, for various reasons, it is necessary to reduce the feed amount according to the main motor current reduction in the milling equipment.

Advantages of sand making machine in gravel production line

Sand making machine is the latest crusher equipment combined with high performance and high consumption of the crusher is the latest research results of own R & D and production of the. Sand making machine especially suitable for the production of abrasives, refractories, cement, quartz sand, sand, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate and other hard brittle material crushing and crushing, crushing machine, 60% energy saving than the traditional.

This products used by the plate hammer made of high chromium cast iron, high manganese steel and other wear-resistant alloy steel, with universal hammer in life are very different, the plate hammer minimum service life of our 9 months, the normal service life of 14 months, while the average hammer normal service life of only 1 months.

All products are made of welded steel plates, and the rotor of the fine crushing machine is made of integral cast steel. The structure is durable and easy to install. It is of high quality and can meet the requirement of crushing. We adopt the most efficient and best performance line crushing method. The line like counterattack surface can make the material on the counter of the counterattack board impact in approximately vertical direction, so the best crushing effect can be obtained.

In addition, this products have the following advantages:

1. feed big mouth, broken cavity high, adapt to high hardness of materials, large block, less powder products;
2. the counterattack plate and the hammer gap can be easily adjusted, and effectively control the particle size and shape of the particles;
3. compact structure, rigid machine, rotor with large inertia;
4. high chromium plate hammer, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, impact force;
5. keyless connection, easy maintenance, economical and reliable;
6. crushing function, high productivity, small mechanical wear, high comprehensive benefits.

Construction waste crusher makes the waste recycling

In recent years, the amount of construction waste produced by urban construction has been increasing, and the annual emission of construction waste has been calculated with 10 million tons. Construction waste crusher can make construction waste into treasure. General use of construction waste landfill, in addition to the large consumptive field, occupy valuable land resources, energy consumption, pollution and other negative factors. Therefore, how to use it is imminent and social and highly technical problems need further.

The construction of garbage after crushing, sorting, crushing or eliminating waste, most can be used as the regenerate resources, such as scrap steel, scrap wire, scrap wire and various accessories such as scrap metal, after sorting, concentrated and re melted, can be manufactured into various specifications of steel; waste bamboo timber can used in the manufacture of artificial wood; brick, stone and concrete waste crushing, can replace sand, used in masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete cushion, and can also be used for making bricks, paving brick, brick and other building materials, lattice.

In the process of building waste recycled fine aggregate crushing, due to the physical characteristics of the material itself, two grade crushing is usually used, and the particle size of the crushing product is 0-10mm, accounting for about 25%. In order to improve the production of fine aggregate, two grade crushing is used for grade three crushing, and the crushing products are mostly below 0-10, which is a very effective means. However, in the specific technical process, it has encountered such problems as complicated process, difficult process layout, large power consumption and excessive investment.

To this end, we launched the construction of garbage crushing special models. The equipment can not only realize multi-stage crushing, but also meet the requirements of grain arrangement. It can provide a perfect solution for the construction of waste aggregate regeneration and crushing process, and is the best choice for building waste crushing equipment.

Vertical Roller Mill Five Unique Advantages

We rely on years of experience in grinding mill production, and independently design and develop new vertical roller mill. The appearance of vertical roller mill makes it possible to complete superfine grinding, classification and transportation at one time. Now it has become the equipment of superfine milling industry and widely used in chemical, metallurgy, non-metallic minerals and other industries.

LUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill has many advantages:
1. It uses the principle of vertical abrasive layer grinding to prevent excessive grinding. Moreover, the particle size of the finished product is less than 2 mu m, the particle content is high, up to 70%, and 325 meshes are low residue, and the product is more suitable for separating the finer size products from the two times, thus ensuring the good quality of the finished product.

2. the special design of roll sleeve and lining plate grinding curve makes the mill can be grinding to the required fineness, greatly improve the grinding efficiency, its productivity is ordinary powder equipment 3-6 times.

3. because of the principle of superfine grinding and long powder selection, it can save energy consumption from 30% to 50%.

4. more use of PLC/DCS automatic control of roller pressure control mode, grinding pressure is accurately controlled, saving labor costs.

5. green mining equipment is becoming the development direction of the machinery industry, we has been the development of green products in the core areas, sealing the whole paragraph mill equipment system works under negative pressure, no dust, clean environment, will change your impression of crushing and grinding dusty spot.

ore milling equipment grinding materials is within the range of 325-3250 meshes

After years of research and development, we developed a variety of ore milling equipment , ultrafine mill as an example, in the production process in the process of draw a wide range of design theory at home and abroad of ultrafine grinding equipment, is a kind of superfine powder processing equipment, is a professional equipment classification, ultra-fine mill in one of the transportation industry, it can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral industries.

Ore milling equipment can be material to grinding following Mohs hardness of 5, density below 3.2, the compressive strength can be processed under 150MPa, non flammable and non corrosive particles, brittle materials, grinding of raw materials can be processed into 325-3250 ultrafine powder.

Ultrafine grinding mill can process a variety of materials, such as calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, calcite, pyrophyllite, dolomite, graphite, kaolin, limestone and other raw materials, grinding equipment is widely used in the daily production, can be widely used in the field of chemical industry, ceramics and so on, our production of vertical superfine grinding quality, stable operation, but still there will be some unexpected situations.

Ore milling equipment in the grinding work, the quality of the first pass, in the usual work need to pay attention to the professional maintenance of superfine grinding, often add lubricating oil, keep the efficient operation of superfine grinding, prolong the service life of superfine grinding, grinding material will move to the edge of the grinding disc, know strong airflow by wind at ring away, and the larger particles again fall into the disc to grinding flow materials through the upper part of the separator, the rotor blade under the effect of coarse particles back to the grinding disc.

How to solve the problem of excessive temperature of cement vertical roller mill?

Vertical roller mill grinding system replaces stone powder with limestone powder for batching modification. By adjusting the height of the retaining ring of the vertical roller mill, optimizing the parameters, modifying the form and structure of the wind ring, optimizing the ventilation area and wind speed, the vertical grinding system adapts to the change of the grain gradation of the raw material. The proportion of limestone powder instead of limestone is added to 40%, and the output exceeds 40 tons when the design platform is exceeded, and the waste residue is reasonably utilized, the production cost is reduced, and the comprehensive utilization of resources is realized better.

How to solve the problem of excessive temperature of cement vertical roller mill?
When the temperature of the cement vertical roller mill is too high, including the fan, the motor heating and the bearing temperature, etc., the user will have to know the cause of the rising temperature when facing the problem of the excessive wear of  mill.

1. check whether the extension pipe is smooth, the viscosity of the oil and the brand meets the requirements.

2. cement vertical roller millsuperfine powder into the roller bearing to timely refueling, in accordance with the provisions of regular cleaning, replacement of oil seal.

3. grinding roller grinding ring bearings should be regular refueling.

4. cement vertical roller mill bearing temperature can not exceed 70 degrees, if the bearing temperature is too high, should immediately remove the cleaning bearing and bearing room and other accessories, cleaning once.

5. fan heating may be a factor, that is, higher wind pressure, and sometimes in our production will unconsciously touch the fan equipment, so that the fan pressure changes, resulting in motor heating. It also reminds us that we must not change the equipment at will.