Factors influencing the output of construction waste crusher

The construction waste crusher production is the purchase is concerned about the issue, but also the user later get higher profit protection, how to increase the yield of the construction waste crusher , what are the factors that affect the construction crusher production, the following were elaborated for customers.

Factors influencing the output of construction waste crusher
1. Hardness of materials
The hardness of a material is broken up, the more difficult, in the larger hardness of material crushing, the equipment will cause serious wear, thereby reducing broken schedule, reduce equipment crushing capacity of materials.

2. Humidity of materials
When the water content of the material broken by the construction waste crusher is too long, the material is prone to adhere in the crushing cavity, and at the same time, the material will cause different degree of blockage, resulting in the reduction of crushing capacity.

3. Composition of materials
Before crushing material powder containing more crushing effect is poor, because of broken fine powder in the material will affect the delivery of materials, and some fine powder adsorption on the device, will increase the friction, reduce the service life of equipment, thus affecting the crushing capacity.

4. maintenance and maintenance of equipment
Construction waste crusher repair and maintenance is critical, if not regular maintenance, some accessories due to serious wear during the operation, will greatly reduce the crushing capacity.

How to operate ultrafine grinding mill correctly?

The application of ultrafine grinding is widely believed that everyone is obvious to people, regardless of the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, chemical industry and mining industry needs Ultrafine Mill dilly are involved, so although ultrafine grinding is not common, but it is connected with people's life. Therefore, more and more investors are willing to set foot in the industry of ultra-fine grinding. Want to benefit from, of course, the prerequisite is to understand the working principle and structure of ultrafine grinding machine, the number of daily maintenance and operation procedures, all will maximize the advantages of mill, it is necessary to improve the production efficiency.

In fact, in determining the Italy manufacturer of investors, material requirements and other requirements to inform the manufacturers, professional manufacturers to provide all kinds of help, will be equipped with ultra fine grinding of professional equipment, due to the size of the different needs of the industry, the material is not the same, coarse crushing, such as ordinary highway, aviation special runway construction. Highway of different materials, for courses, use in particles in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals are also different, therefore, the general control of ultrafine grinding particle size also needs to be adjusted, professional manufacturers are using the international advanced level of technology application in ultrafine grinding body, to control the particle size control is very good, and the grain type is well, therefore, choose a professional manufacturer, is the most important step, it like playing chess, a careless loser, so once the manufacturers choose good, Solved, followed by quality, service, etc..

In the selection of equipment, manufacturers will be equipped with professional guidance, the operator must be in strict accordance with the instructions, otherwise once cause irreparable consequences too late, only to cause unnecessary loss of the machine, and may even lead to the loss of talent, so the ultrafine grinding machine operation is very important, in general, the manufacturer is equipped with technology professional staff to provide technical guidance to customers, and process guidance, customers must be familiar with each step, and pay special attention to the maintenance phase, only the understanding will make the play to the mill.

New Sand Making Machine Structure and Working Principle

The new type sand making machine is the leading equipment for fine sand making machine, which has a widely used. The new sand making equipment especially suitable for making abrasives, refractories, cement, quartz sand, grit and other hard brittle material crushing and grinding, is an efficient, gravel sand making equipment energy saving, save more energy than conventional crushing machine 50%, crushing machine is currently the world's advanced equipment.

Sand making machine is widely used in sand stone, highway, railway, airport, water conservancy, construction, cement, refractories, metallurgy and other industries producing high-quality stone. Fine type used in granite, Xuan Wuyan, limestone, gravel, cement clinker, iron ore, quartz, dolomite, bauxite and other mineral perlite ore crushing.

Structure of new sand making machine
The sand making machine equipment are turning part and shield part and box part, the rotary wheel core is provided with a plurality of non overlapping arrangement of the hammer frame is fixed on the frame, the hammer hammer, hammer head width is greater than the hammer frame and wheels, the wheel core is composed of a plurality of wheel hub body, is fixed on the spindle, spindle two end rolling bearing seat on the frame, guard board is divided into several blocks fixed on the box body, protection against wear, and the formation of different types of impact crushing cavity. The box body is divided into two parts, the upper part and the lower part, which are screwed and connected for easy disassembly and assembly and maintenance.

Working principle of new type sand making machine
New sand making equipment, material from the feed tray feed hopper into the new sand crushing cavity, the material into the inner wall of the cylinder body by the centrifugal force feed tray, violent collision and impact plate mounted on the inner wall of the material, at the same time between colliding, make or break to produce a large number of hair crack, then the material into the conical rotor cavity, a spiral cone falling in space, by stamping, extrusion, the crack is further broken ore.

Sand Making Machine Price: http://www.sbmcrush.com/news/making-machine-price.html

Matters needing attention in the use of Ultrafine grinding mill

Ultrafine grinding machine is based on Raymond mill after long-term practice developed, Ultrafine mill with advanced technology, the fineness of classification, according to the principle of fluid mechanics, high grinding machine through unremitting efforts to develop and can be comparable to the jet mill. Ultrafine mill has high production and low energy consumption. It has advanced technical level in China and has been praised by many industries.

Ultrafine grinding mill using a wide range of production equipment has been widely used in many industries, the utilization rate of wear of materials, the use of four times more than Raymond mill; grinding machine is more obvious than any other effect in the processing of sand; or a high efficiency power plant desulfurization equipment; the use of Ultrafine grinding machine for ball mill grinding equipment double ball mill can improve the production efficiency; the new mill can grind various brittle materials, can also pre grinding hardness is less than the following Mohs hardness of 9 materials.

When using the Ultrafine mill, must carry out regular maintenance and maintenance of the machine, the wearing parts are examined with the need of replacement parts should be promptly replaced, so as to ensure the quality of production machines.

sand making machine has a widely application field

The sand making machine adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, and runs smoothly in production process. The optimum design of impact angle in the crushing chamber can reduce the friction between the material and the wear-resistant parts, and effectively prolong the service life of the sand making machine. Sand making machine is widely applicable to all kinds of rock, abrasives, refractories, cement clinker, quartz, iron ore, concrete aggregate and other hard brittle materials in crushing and fine crushing (system sand), on the road building sand, sand stone is particularly suitable for.

sand making machine characteristics:
1. the structure is simple and reasonable, and the running cost is low.
2. high crushing rate and energy saving.
3. with fine grinding function.
4. affected by the moisture content of the material is small, moisture content of about 8%.
5. more suitable for crushing medium, hard, hard materials.
6. excellent grain shape, cubic, needle, sheet content is very low.
7. impeller lining, small wear and easy maintenance.

sand making machine application field:
1. river gravel, rocks (limestone, granite, andesite, diabase,  etc.), ore tailings, artificial sand stone chips.
2. the engineering field of water conservancy and hydropower, high-grade highways, highways and railways, passenger dedicated lines, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering, high-rise building mechanism, sand production and stone shaping.
3. building aggregate, highway pavement fabric, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate production.
4. mining area grinding ago fine crushing process, building materials, metallurgy, chemical, mining, refractory materials, cement, abrasives and other industries broken material.
5. high abrasive and two disintegration crushing, sulfur removal in the thermal power and metallurgical industry, steel slag, construction waste disposal and other environmental protection projects.
6. glass, quartz sand and other high-purity materials production.

Construction Waste Crushing Plant Investment

Today, the society is more and more aware of the harm of construction waste. Our company introduces the construction waste crusher regeneration technology, relies on the construction waste treatment production line, breaks down the construction waste, and then produces the environmental protection building material. So, what kind of equipment is needed to start a construction waste treatment plant and use the waste crusher line?

From a macro sense, the construction waste treatment equipment is mainly mobile and fixed type of two. Although the mobile waste crusher equipment is strong and flexible, the field operation is more convenient and flexible, but the output and demand of the machine are limited. The fixed construction waste treatment equipment, which can be referred to as the production line of construction waste, it is compared with the mobile crushing station limitations, there are a lot of the expansion of space, so the production line construction waste crusher is what equipment?

Speaking of construction waste, have brought back specialist construction waste treatment equipment - type of construction waste crushing machine. The counterattack construction waste crusher is the most common and reasonable equipment used in the construction waste crusher. PF series and PFW series counterattack building garbage crusher, in the construction of broken waste has a unique advantage. Not only the hydraulic opening system is adopted, but also the design of the hydraulic device is convenient for the user to adjust the discharge port so as to meet the demand space of the finished material.

Four improvements of the structure of the Raymond mill

With the continuous development of the powder industry, the market demand for Raymond mill is also increasing. As an important equipment for grinding in China's powder industry, grinding mill of ore is an inevitable trend for high reliability, energy saving, precision and automation in order to meet the requirements of different application fields.

Due to the problems of low fineness, large power consumption, large noise and low system efficiency, the traditional Raymond mill has been bothering the mineral processing enterprises and Raymond mill equipment manufacturers. Shanghai sebang machine mining equipment manufacturing limited liability company after many years of accumulated experience, on the basis of the improvement of Raymond mill, independent research and development and production of a new generation of ore Raymond mill, effectively solves the technical problems of traditional Raymond mill, Raymond mill from the increased price.

Four improvements of the structure of the Raymond mill are as follows:
1. the structural stability of the main shaft and the plum blossom frame is stabilized so as to make it run smoothly.

2. The traditional part of the analysis machine is changed into two isolation by the cavity dragging type, which is changed into the outer cavity of the hanging cavity of the hanging gear, thereby enhancing the stability and durability of the work.

3, in the grinding zone, the grind material is always gathered in the grinding zone effectively processing, improve grinding efficiency, but also updated the roller structure, the grinding roller and the roller shaft can be complementary in the rotation of the operation, also can make the revolution, its effect and durability.

4, ventilation, and air duct will bellows by the original horizontal bottom change to the center angle of 30 degrees to form a bucket shaped air duct, ensure the bellows, always clear of obstructions, and always maintain the required air volume, high efficiency grinding in the host.