Structural Design of Mobile Crusher

Mobile crusher steering traction axle is convenient for highway transportation and site penetration. In order to save valuable manganese steel, steel electrode can be used to surfacing the bottom layer, and then manganese steel electrode can be used to surfacing the surface layer.

Mobile crusher on-board installation support, equipment site quickly and conveniently stationed. In order to save surfacing electrode and time, strip and mesh can be surfacing intermittently on the liner, but the gap should not be too close and sparse, and the sparse can not be repaired.

Mobile crusher on-board motor and control box integration, liner is mostly high manganese steel, liner wear can also be repaired by surfacing method. When the wear layer is thin, the manganese steel electrode can be directly and uniformly surfacing. Mobile crusher is used in cement plant to crush or fine materials with medium hardness. In addition, the conical shaft hole on the crushing station machine will be ground into flat round hole after long-term operation of the crusher, which will affect the normal operation of the cone.

Portable crusher plant environmental protection concept

The portable crusher plant is a high-efficiency crushing device. It adopts self-driving method, advanced technology and complete functions. This portable crusher plant can reach any position on the work site under any terrain conditions. This reduces the handling of the material and facilitates the coordination of all auxiliary machinery. The wireless remote control makes it easy to drive the crusher onto the trailer and transport it to the job site. Because there is no need to assemble time, the equipment can be put into operation as soon as it arrives at the job site. The E-type portable crusher plant has a large crushing ratio, and its optimized design can meet the most demanding technical characteristics of the crusher, with high productivity and uniform uniformity of finished product.

Wide use of portable crusher plant:
1. portable screening crushing equipment has the characteristics of multi-function operation.
2. It is widely used in mines, recycling of coal mines, garbage and construction waste, earth and stone works, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites.
3. Treatment of topsoil and other materials; separation of viscous concrete aggregates; construction and blasting industry; screening after crushing; quarrying industry.

Portable crusher plant environmental protection concept: Noise muffler in portable crusher plant, the best noise absorbing system, compact and flexible equipment, more able to meet the construction waste breaking operation between urban areas, effective dust removal system, suitable diesel engine noise discharge status, release system can be remote Control hydraulics to remove obstacles in the portable crusher plant, pre-screening device greatly improves crushing efficiency.

Talking about the Quality of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill can be widely used in various industries, so the working principle of Raymond Mill has attracted many people's attention. In industrial production, the quality of machinery and equipment is very important, and in production, a large part of the impact of production efficiency is due to the performance of the machine. What should we pay attention to in the production of Raymond mill?

For a project, the performance of the machine is very important. If the machine is overwhelmed in use and can not successfully complete the task, then there is no doubt that the equipment is not suitable. However, when the user has selected the appropriate equipment, problems occur again in the production site, then, the machine has not been rationally used, so that its performance has not been brought into play, resulting in the project schedule can not be guaranteed.

For the use of mechanical equipment, users should realize that they need correct use and correct maintenance in order to make its performance play a good role. Based on this point, when using Raymond mill, attention should be paid to the coordination of components, so that it will not have problems in the use process. Moreover, in order to improve the service life and use effect of the machine, users should do a good job of lubrication, which can also improve the production efficiency of grinding equipment to a certain extent, and provide help to users.

Of course, in operation, mechanical efficiency is the goal pursued by users. Therefore, in order to achieve the production efficiency of machines and the production efficiency of users, attention should be paid to the following aspects in production. First of all, the feed should be uniform, no impurities, especially hard impurities, will damage the use of the machine. Secondly, we should pay attention to the vibration of the machine. In production, if there is a large vibration of the Raymond mill, we should take appropriate measures to improve this situation, and in operation, we should also pay attention to the problem of discharging. When the normal discharging is not possible, it shows that the machine has a fault, and we need to carry out maintenance and treatment.

new sand production line has obvious advantages

With the innovation of technology and the emergence of new sand making machine in the sand-making market, the configuration of sand-making production line has been continuously optimized. Now the whole production line process has more dazzling advantages than the traditional sand-making line in the past. It not only reduces the production cost, but also improves the quality and output of products. Practice shows that the upgraded sand-making production line has more advantages than the traditional sand-making line. Sand production line is an important turning point in sand industry.

The new generation of miner + Vsi series centrifugal sand machine, which originated from the original R series rotors in Germany and was developed and upgraded, has become an epoch-making technological innovation of sand production line in China. Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional production line with the improved one.

Routine configuration: a ZSW250 vibrating feeder + a 750X1060 jaw breaker + a PYS1300 cone breaker + a YK1848 circular shaker + four PCX1280 impact shaker + a 2YK1860 circular shaker are generally required for a 200-ton sand production line.

New configuration: only need a ZSW250 vibrating feeder + a PE220 single jaw breaker + sand making machine + a 2YK1860 circular vibrating screen.

It is obvious that:

1. The investment of main equipment in the production line with new equipment configuration has been reduced by 15.4%.

2. Five main equipment were reduced, including three belts and one cone break, three sand machines and one shaker. The investment in equipment construction and installation was greatly saved.

3. The installed power is greatly reduced and the power consumption per ton is reduced by 60%.

4. The wear-resistant parts consumption is 47.6% lower than that of the conventional production line.

5. The production cost per ton of the production line with new equipment configuration is 55.4% lower than that of the conventional production line.

6. Therefore, the 200 tons sand production line with new equipment configuration is much lower than the conventional production line in terms of equipment quantity, investment cost, power consumption and operation cost. This is also the effect of new sand technology innovation. It will greatly improve the actual production level of sand owners and reduce production cost. Use to increase the profit of sand and gravel factories.


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BAUMA CHINA, as an extension of the world famous construction machinery exhibition BAUMA Germany in China, has become a competitive arena for global construction machinery enterprises. On this stage, a large number of high-quality enterprises are gathered, showing tens of thousands of innovative products and technologies, and witnessing the inheritance of the wisdom of construction machinery. BAUMA CHINA, namely China International Construction Machinery, Building Material Machinery, Mining Machinery, Construction Vehicles and Equipment Exposition, is held every two years in Shanghai New International Expo Center, providing an Asian professional exchange and exhibition platform for the construction machinery industry.

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Comparison Between Dry and Wet Raymond Mill

Raymond mill can be divided into dry Raymond mill and wet Raymond mill according to their dry and wet conditions. Abroad, in the fifty years, dry Raymond Mill accounted for a large proportion, about 70%. With the progress of technology and the increasing demand for energy saving and environmental protection, wet Raymond Mill has developed rapidly, and it has been ultra-dry Raymond Mill, accounting for more than 75% of the total amount of Raymond Mill. Compared with dry Raymond mill, wet Raymond mill has the following advantages:

1. Investment of wet Raymond mill is generally lower than that of dry Raymond mill. Under the same conditions, the investment of wet Raymond mill is approximately the same as that of general grinding process. Dry Raymond mill must have a set of air system with many auxiliary equipment, while wet Raymond mill has fewer auxiliary equipment and simple material transportation equipment, so its investment is about 5%~10% lower than dry Raymond mill. The power consumption of wet Raymond mill is higher than that of dry Raymond mill, but the power consumption of dry Raymond mill plus wind system is higher than that of wet Raymond mill.

2. For continuous dry Raymond mill, due to the influence of ore humidity, a very thin material layer is formed on the surface of ore and liner, so the energy consumption per ton of ore is 25%~30% higher than that of wet Raymond mill.

3. Raymond mill has strict requirements for the moisture content of raw ore. Clay, water should be less than 49%, with less clay, water at about 5%, there is no much impact on production. When the water is large, will cause the decrease of discharge or not line, in order to reduce the moisture, to increase air facilities, investment and production cost of the dry Raymond mill are improved. The wet Raymond mill can handle high water and mud containing ores. Don't choose low-grade magnetic iron ore, wet Raymond mill is easy to obtain any of the required size, and can be adapted by magnetic separation.

Influence efficiency of the sand making machine

Why does the sand return of the sand making machine affect the power? The ratio of back to sand is controlled between 300% and 500%, that is, the amount of sand back to the sand making machine is 3~5 times the original amount, and the effect is better. The small amount of return of sand in the sand making machine first affects the increase of productivity. It is calculated that the back sand ratio of hard ore is larger than that of soft ore in the same amount of total load.

The amount of sand return of the sand making machine, the original quantity of the crushing equipment and the granularity of the overflow are mutually supported and mutually restricted. It can be said that if the sand returning volume of the sand making equipment is increased to a higher level than that of the regular amount, it will see that the output of the equipment will also be altered, which is made up of the increase of the ore volume, or the change of the water volume, and the decrease of the water volume will result in the overflow concentration too low.