new sand production line has obvious advantages

With the innovation of technology and the emergence of new sand making machine in the sand-making market, the configuration of sand-making production line has been continuously optimized. Now the whole production line process has more dazzling advantages than the traditional sand-making line in the past. It not only reduces the production cost, but also improves the quality and output of products. Practice shows that the upgraded sand-making production line has more advantages than the traditional sand-making line. Sand production line is an important turning point in sand industry.

The new generation of miner + Vsi series centrifugal sand machine, which originated from the original R series rotors in Germany and was developed and upgraded, has become an epoch-making technological innovation of sand production line in China. Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional production line with the improved one.

Routine configuration: a ZSW250 vibrating feeder + a 750X1060 jaw breaker + a PYS1300 cone breaker + a YK1848 circular shaker + four PCX1280 impact shaker + a 2YK1860 circular shaker are generally required for a 200-ton sand production line.

New configuration: only need a ZSW250 vibrating feeder + a PE220 single jaw breaker + sand making machine + a 2YK1860 circular vibrating screen.

It is obvious that:

1. The investment of main equipment in the production line with new equipment configuration has been reduced by 15.4%.

2. Five main equipment were reduced, including three belts and one cone break, three sand machines and one shaker. The investment in equipment construction and installation was greatly saved.

3. The installed power is greatly reduced and the power consumption per ton is reduced by 60%.

4. The wear-resistant parts consumption is 47.6% lower than that of the conventional production line.

5. The production cost per ton of the production line with new equipment configuration is 55.4% lower than that of the conventional production line.

6. Therefore, the 200 tons sand production line with new equipment configuration is much lower than the conventional production line in terms of equipment quantity, investment cost, power consumption and operation cost. This is also the effect of new sand technology innovation. It will greatly improve the actual production level of sand owners and reduce production cost. Use to increase the profit of sand and gravel factories.


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Comparison Between Dry and Wet Raymond Mill

Raymond mill can be divided into dry Raymond mill and wet Raymond mill according to their dry and wet conditions. Abroad, in the fifty years, dry Raymond Mill accounted for a large proportion, about 70%. With the progress of technology and the increasing demand for energy saving and environmental protection, wet Raymond Mill has developed rapidly, and it has been ultra-dry Raymond Mill, accounting for more than 75% of the total amount of Raymond Mill. Compared with dry Raymond mill, wet Raymond mill has the following advantages:

1. Investment of wet Raymond mill is generally lower than that of dry Raymond mill. Under the same conditions, the investment of wet Raymond mill is approximately the same as that of general grinding process. Dry Raymond mill must have a set of air system with many auxiliary equipment, while wet Raymond mill has fewer auxiliary equipment and simple material transportation equipment, so its investment is about 5%~10% lower than dry Raymond mill. The power consumption of wet Raymond mill is higher than that of dry Raymond mill, but the power consumption of dry Raymond mill plus wind system is higher than that of wet Raymond mill.

2. For continuous dry Raymond mill, due to the influence of ore humidity, a very thin material layer is formed on the surface of ore and liner, so the energy consumption per ton of ore is 25%~30% higher than that of wet Raymond mill.

3. Raymond mill has strict requirements for the moisture content of raw ore. Clay, water should be less than 49%, with less clay, water at about 5%, there is no much impact on production. When the water is large, will cause the decrease of discharge or not line, in order to reduce the moisture, to increase air facilities, investment and production cost of the dry Raymond mill are improved. The wet Raymond mill can handle high water and mud containing ores. Don't choose low-grade magnetic iron ore, wet Raymond mill is easy to obtain any of the required size, and can be adapted by magnetic separation.

Influence efficiency of the sand making machine

Why does the sand return of the sand making machine affect the power? The ratio of back to sand is controlled between 300% and 500%, that is, the amount of sand back to the sand making machine is 3~5 times the original amount, and the effect is better. The small amount of return of sand in the sand making machine first affects the increase of productivity. It is calculated that the back sand ratio of hard ore is larger than that of soft ore in the same amount of total load.

The amount of sand return of the sand making machine, the original quantity of the crushing equipment and the granularity of the overflow are mutually supported and mutually restricted. It can be said that if the sand returning volume of the sand making equipment is increased to a higher level than that of the regular amount, it will see that the output of the equipment will also be altered, which is made up of the increase of the ore volume, or the change of the water volume, and the decrease of the water volume will result in the overflow concentration too low.

Function and Maintenance of Raymond Mill Parts

Raymond mill as a classic equipment in the mining industry, pays more attention to the development of quality in the market. Raymond mill is a very large equipment. First of all, because its working environment is very bad, the materials used for grinding are bulky materials, so the size of the mill should be larger. Second, Raymond mill is a complete set of equipment. There are main grinders and other auxiliary equipment. The whole equipment of Raymond mill includes: hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage bin, vibrating feeder, micro-grinding machine, frequency conversion classifier, double cyclone collector, pulse dust removal system, high-pressure fan, air compressor, electrical control system.

Such a large Ramon grinder, are composed of many parts, regardless of the small parts, can play a major role. The service life of Raymond mill has a certain period of time, like people have a certain life, how can the service life of Raymond mill be extended? We need to add more maintenance to each component.

As we all know, the hardness of ore material itself is slightly higher, Raymond mill itself and ore collision friction, loss is inevitable. How to solve this problem, or how to reduce the loss, has become the thinking direction of many manufacturers. Vulnerable parts are the hard parts of Raymond mill and vulnerable parts, so more protection is needed to make the performance of Raymond mill play.

In the operation process of Raymond mill, there should be a fixed personnel responsible for the custody, Raymond mill operators must have a professional technical training, so that they understand the principle of Raymond mill performance, familiar with operating procedures, at the same time necessary maintenance tools and grease accessories. Secondly, it is necessary to simply screen and check materials when they enter, avoid unnecessary wear and tear, and routine safety checks are necessary.

After using Raymond mill for a period of time, it is necessary to regularly check the use of vulnerable parts, serious wear and tear should be replaced and repaired in time. The whole Raymond mill is a whole, if part of the problem, to stop maintenance in time, must not cause unnecessary losses due to negligence. General professional Raymond mill equipment and accessories are matching, so in the selection of Raymond mill must choose a professional manufacturer to buy, and to understand the Raymond mill accessories standard.

Improve production efficiency of Raymond Mill

Raymond mill is one of the equipments used for grinding stone. It is widely used in many fields such as construction, building materials, chemical industry, mineral processing, metallurgy and so on. It plays an important role in improving the quality of ore. Raymond mill is usually characterized by high efficiency, low cost, easy operation, large output, low energy consumption, environmental protection and so on, which has attracted much attention and welcome in the industry.

Raymond mill as a mill equipment, to do regular maintenance, regular maintenance, attention to each small problem small hidden trouble, correct operation, in order to avoid unnecessary accidents, then how to choose lubricating grease maintenance?

1. The lubricant temperature of Raymond mill should also be paid attention to. In the use of the lean oil system of Raymond mill, we must pay attention to its return oil temperature, which should not exceed 60 degrees. The oil temperature can be controlled by adjusting the oil valve to control the flow of oil or by means of water cooling. Only in this way can we ensure the mill's normal production.

2. The use of Raymond mill grease to consider its economic applicability, in the case of lubrication effect, as far as possible to reduce the use of grease varieties, so as to minimize the cost of production and use.

3. Where grease is used, the variety of grease to be added should be selected according to the different ways of adding grease. In Raymond mill, the roller and grinding ring are the main breaking parts of the roller bearing in this place often move, which requires timely lubrication measures. If not, the friction between the machine parts will soon be damaged. But it is important to note that the lubricant added to this place should be dry oil lubricants. Some workers will suggest that dry oil solidifies easily in winter, when a certain amount of thin oil should be added to the lubricant to avoid the lubricant solidification in the course of use can not produce the desired effect.

4. when choosing grease, pay attention to the working state of Raymond mill. The vibration intensity of Raymond mill is relatively high when it is working. The grease with high viscosity, good adhesion and good shock absorption performance should be selected when selecting grease. In this way, the use time and effect of grease will not be affected by the strong vibration force of Raymond mill.

5. The purpose of using lubricant in Raymond mill is different, which requires using grease according to different purposes. In addition, if the grease is used in a more sealed state, it should be considered whether the grease can coexist with the sealed medium.

Working Principle of Portable Crusher Plant

The portable crusher plant is mainly used for the material processing of metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower and other materials which often need to be relocated, especially for the operation of mobile stone materials such as expressways, railways, hydropower projects. Users can adopt a variety of configurations according to the types of raw materials, sizes and requirements of finished materials. Current portable crusher plants in China are mostly used in construction waste disposal projects in urban demolition. The construction waste crushing screening is divided into several different sizes and rules of recycled aggregate, which is the basis of realizing the reuse of construction waste.

Working principle of portable crusher plant:

The material is evenly transported to the crusher by the feeder. After the initial crushing by the counter-impact crusher, the closed-circuit system is formed by the circular vibrating screen, which realizes the cyclic crushing of the material. The finished material is exported by the conveyor and is continuously crushed. The counterattack mobile crusher can remove the circular vibrating screen according to the actual production needs, and realize the primary crushing of materials directly. It is convenient and flexible to use with other crushing equipment.

Application and scope of small mobile crushing equipment:

1. Widely used in mines, coal mines, garbage and construction waste recycling, earthwork, urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites and other site operations.

2. Treatment of surface soil and other materials; separation of viscous coagulated aggregate; construction and blasting industries; screening after crushing; quarrying industry.

3. Artificial sand-making of river pebbles, mountain rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings and debris.