Continuous Innovation of Sand Making Machine Technology

Sand making machine, as the name implies, is the equipment for making sand, is the main equipment for grinding different raw materials for making sand. In sand making manufacturers, different sand making machine is required for different raw materials. For some materials with high hardness and uniform fineness of finished products, it is necessary to use high quality sand machine to produce.

With the combination of foreign cash sand machine production technology, the crushing ratio has reached a very stable level, and the grinding of raw materials for machine-made sand has reached a very stable level. The ideal sand making machine is very stable for grinding raw materials of machine-made sand. The product size is generally cubic, which is favored by modern construction materials.

Sand-making machine is widely used in the mining industry. The material requirement of sand-making machine is relatively simple and easy to operate. As the material of sand-making machine is increasing, the development of mining industry is also increasing. Sand-making machine plays an important role in the material crushing and shaping of sand-making machine. Sand-making machine plays an important role in the whole mining sand-making production line, and also affects the improvement of sand-making efficiency. It can be said that high-efficiency sand-making production can not be separated from high-quality sand-making machine materials. In the high-tech era, some mechanical devices are also heading for full automation.

According to the different needs of the mining industry, and the granularity of raw materials of sand making machine, the granularity and difference of finished products are affected. In the sand production line, the crushing process of the crusher is the last working procedure before the sand machine feeding. Only the high quality crusher can keep the crushing granularity of the raw material of the sand machine uniform and prepare for the sand making process. The production efficiency of the whole sand production line is also affected by the crushing efficiency of the sand-making machine, because in the sand-making production line, the sand-making machine is the first crushing process, it is an important part of sand-making feeding, if this link is slow, the efficiency of the subsequent sequence will not be much faster.

With the continuous innovation of sand-making machine technology, grinding, shaping and grinding of raw materials for machine-made sand are more outstanding, efficient and safe sand-making machine is the general trend of the whole sand-making equipment industry.

VSI5X Sand Making Machine Widely Used in Sand Making Plant

In recent years, with the rapid pace of infrastructure construction and the increasing demand for sand and stone, high performance Sand Making Equipment is needed to meet a large amount of demand for building sand. VSI5X sand making machine is a crushing sand making equipment. It is a representative product in the production field of domestic sand making equipment. It embodies the technology and production process of the manufacturer of domestic sand making equipment. It is a model of the perfect combination of professional crushing technology and mechanical manufacturing.

VSI5X sand making machine has introduced the latest design technology of German mining machinery industry, and has a number of independent patent rights, and another breakthrough in the manufacturing field of sand and gravel production equipment. It can not only provide high quality sand and stone aggregate for expressway, high speed railway, high-rise building, municipal engineering, hydropower dam construction, port wharf and concrete mixing station, but also have extensive application in the fields of metal ore crushing, quartz sand production, steel slag treatment and so on.

Sand making machine is widely used in sand-making production line. Sand-stone production line mainly consists of three parts: feeding part, crushing part and screening part.

The feeding part is the place where the raw material is transported. It can perform the work of vibration in the feeding link according to the technological process of crushing and sieving. In the production line, the feeder is usually used to make it responsible for the supply of raw materials.
The broken part is the most important part of the entire line of production. Its main role is to break all kinds of raw materials into the finished product granularity of the customers, and there can be a number of crushers in a production line, and the mechanical properties are different, but they need to work together, so the compatibility between them is compatible. Sex is very important. The screening part is to separate the sand from the stone after the material is broken, and then transport the ingredients out after the classification, and then recycle the unqualified material.

Solving method of severe vibration of sand making machine

Sand making machine is an important mechanical sand making equipment. The sand making machine is suitable for the crushing and shaping of soft or hard and hard materials, and is widely used in all kinds of ore, cement, refractory material, aluminum ground clinker, emery sand, glass material, mechanism sand, stone and various metallurgical slag, especially hard, hard and abrasion resistant materials such as emery, sintered bauxite and sand. It is more efficient than other types of crusher.

In the process of production, the sand making machine has a certain body swing, but the amplitude is small, if the body swings are particularly violent, then there may be three reasons.

(1) it may be that the worn parts on the impeller of the sand making machine are seriously worn out. If the abrasion of the impeller on the impeller is badly worn, the internal running of the machine will be unstable and the swinging is too large, so only the changing parts can be replaced at this time, so that the inner impeller of the sand machine can reach the balance state.

(2) it may be that the equipment wobble over a large amount of material. When the machine is designed, the feed size of the equipment is generally 4 to 5 centimeters. Generally, the amount of finished sand can be reached when the grain size of the equipment is 3 to 4 centimeters. If the feed is over the assembly, the equipment wobble too much, and if the feed is too small, the collision is broken. It is not enough to reach the finished sand volume.

(3) the sand machine is also likely to be a blockage in the impeller flow channel. If the impellers have obstructions, it will cause inhomogeneous feed, and the body swings too much. As long as the blocking objects on the impeller flow passage are removed, the problem of the body's swinging can be solved.

Raymond Mill Structure and Working Principle

Raymond mill is a kind of equipment for grinding ore and non-metallic minerals. Its performance advantages are high fineness of finished powder and high pass rate. The main use of Raymond mill is to process ore and minerals, such as ore, activated charcoal, bentonite, bauxite, clay, shale, Raymond Mill kaolin, cement, gypsum, glass and thermal insulation, and some hard brittle materials can also be processed by Raymond mill.

Raymond mill is mainly composed of main engine, blower, superfine analysis machine, finished whirlwind collector, bag dust collector and connecting pipe pipe. According to user's needs, it can also be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as hoist, storage bin, electric control cabinet, powder machine and crusher.

In the micro milling grinding room, the grinding roller assembly is suspended on the roller hanger by the transverse load shaft, the roller hanger is connected with the spindle and the blade holder, the pressure spring is pressed on the outer end of the cantilever bearing by the pull rod tightly, and the transverse load axis is the supporting point, and the roller is pressed on the circular surface of the ring by the pressure of the spring. When the machine rotates through the transmission device, the shovel knife mounted on the shovel holder rotates synchronously with the grinding roller, and the grinding roller rotates around itself while rolling on the inner surface of the grinding ring. The analysis machine drives the impeller of the analysis machine through the motor drive device, and the speed adjustment of the analyzer determines the fineness of the powder.

VSI6X Sand Making Machine Unique Advantages

VSI6X series sand production line equipment is a new generation product developed by our company based on VSI series sand production line equipment. It integrates three kinds of crushing modes into one. VSI6X Sand Making Machine has become the core equipment of the mechanism sand industry. Used in sand and gravel yards, mixing stations, dry mortar, quartz sand, construction waste crushing, etc.

Optimize design, reduce production costs
Combined throwing head design, only need to replace the worn throwing head part, can reduce the use cost by more than 30%; after partial wear of the peripheral guard plate, it can be used up and down to improve the material utilization rate by more than 48%; use diamond impact block to avoid The material is damaged after impact and the vertical plate is damaged.

Greater throughput, greater yield
The optimized design of the deep cavity rotor increases the material throughput by about 30%; the superior launch port and the internal smoother curve design reduce the material flow resistance, greatly improve the material throughput, and increase the machine capacity.

Easy to operate, safe and reliable
Dual-purpose bulk tray, easy to operate, realizes two kinds of feeding methods - full center feeding and center feeding with ring waterfall feeding - rapid conversion; product class F insulation, IP54/55 protection level high efficiency Low noise, high degree of protection motor.

Special seal, easy maintenance
The special sealing structure at the lower end of the main shaft ensures oil-free seal without oil leakage and reduces fuel consumption. The hydraulic opening device with imported Japanese accessories can easily and quickly move the upper cover, which makes it time-saving and labor-saving to replace the internal parts of the inspection and maintenance body.

Portable Crushing Plant Production Process

As a large joint crushing machine composed of multiple machines, the material is transported to the Portable Crusher Plant evenly and the material is transported to the crusher by the feeder. The jaw crusher is broken through a circular vibrating screen to realize the circulation breakage of the material. The material is output by the conveyor and continuously broken.

Users use feedback for portable crusher plant stations
1. the cost of production is less: the choice of portable crusher plant to deal with open quarries can not only help us reduce the addition of many unnecessary crushing equipment, but also has strong mobility, it can go to the broken site, mining and breaking, reducing the cost of material moving from the site and so on.

2. high degree of automation: compared with the old crushable production process, the selection of portable crusher plant stations to invest less operators, in addition to the open control, material, such as the two needs to look after, other places do not need redundant personnel, high degree of automation, it is a half work times;

3. the crushing effect is better: the sand and stone fine material after the breakup treatment of the moving moving crushing station is uniform and the gradation is reasonable, which can fully meet the demand of the present sand and stone production.

Working Advantage of Sand Making Machine

Sand making machine is used in sand and gravel production line and stone production line. Sand Making Equipment can break soft or medium hard and extremely hard materials, and can also process and shape materials. The sand making machine has been widely used in cement, various ores, refractory materials, sands, quartzite, pebbles, limestone, calcite, glass material, mechanical building stone, bauxite clinker and gold slag, and the efficiency of the hard, hard and abrasion resistant materials such as carborundum, sintered bauxite and so on.

The design of the accessories is unique. The sand making machine has simple structure, unique bearings and advanced spindle design, so that the machine has the characteristics of heavy load and high speed rotation.

Long service life. The wearing parts are low in wear and tear. All wearing parts are made of high quality wear resistant materials at home and abroad with long service life. A small number of easy wearing parts are made of super hard wear-resistant material, small size, light weight and easy to replace parts.

The maintenance rate is low and durable. Impeller and vortex crusher chamber material lining greatly reduces wear parts cost and maintenance workload. In the production process, the stone can form a protective bottom, and the fuselage has no wear and wear.

The performance is reliable. The sand making machine has high reliability, strict safety guarantee device, and equipment and personal safety. Smooth operation, low noise, high efficiency, energy saving and high crushing efficiency.

Maintenance of sand making machine
1. The daily maintenance of the sand making machine is very important to the normal and permanent work of the machine. It is necessary to make the sand machine get enough time to stop work and rest regularly.

2. open the observation door regularly and open the observation door to observe the internal wear of the percussive sand making machine, replace the worn parts in time, and strictly prohibit the opening of the observation door to observe the internal conditions during the working process of the sand making machine so as to avoid the danger. It is found that the impeller wear is replaced in time and repaired by the manufacturer.

3. the size of the transmission triangle belt should be adjusted properly to ensure the uniform force of the triangle belt. When the double motor is driven, the two sides of the triangle belt should be divided into groups to make the length of each group as consistent as possible.

4. the sand machine should be properly added to the grease when working to 400 hours. When working to 2000 hours, the main shaft will be cleaned and the new bearings need to be replaced when the work is 7200 hours.